Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

This year's resolutions at Garden for Life:

1. Post weekly.
2. Adopt a modified Independence Day approach to gardening: On a weekly basis, plant something, harvest something, cook something from our garden, and preserve something.

In addition to resolutions, I also have goals for the year:
1. Help Skye get ready to expand her chicken flock and to add two dwarf goats by fencing off part of the woodlot and designing and building a new mini-barn.
2. Build a netting house over the blueberry patch.
3. Clean up the woodlot across the front of the place, making it more park-like. This includes taking out the callery pears and adding select young overstory and understory trees and bushes, as well as moving existing trees and bushes to more desirous locations.
4. Replace Stayman Winesap apple that didn't survive the summer and add a quince tree.
5. Install flashing in raised beds where soil is leaking.
6. Begin strawberry bed.
7. Build improved composting facility.
8. Continue gradual enlargement of canning garden.
9. Continue transforming cottage garden from annuals to perennials.

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