Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Ozark Gardening Calendar

July 1
Kitchen Garden: Plant bush & pole beans, beets, cabbage, carrots, lettuce.
Monitor tomatoes for stink bugs & spray with pyrethrin.
Pantry Garden: Dig potatoes. Plant beans
Berry Patch: Continue blueberry harvest.
All gardens: Continue beetle patrol.

July 7
Orchard: Patrol for webworms in pecans, cut, and burn.

July 15
Kitchen Garden/Pantry Garden: plant bush beans, collards, southern peas, Irish potatoes.
Indoors: brocolli, lettuce, cabbage

July – after blueberry harvest
Berry Patch: Fertilize blueberries with cottonseed meal (6-2.5-1.7), feather meal (13-0-0), fish meal (10-4-0), soybean meal (7-1.6-2-3) or alfalfa meal (3-1-2).

July 25
Kitchen Garden/Pantry Garden: Plant turnips.

July 29
pre-sprout corn to plant August 1

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