Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Ozark Gardening Calendar

The average last frost for Fayetteville, Arkansas, is April 15. However, the latest first frost was recorded on May 9, 1980.

April 1
Kitchen Garden:
Plant carrots, beets, radish, spinach
Transplant garlic, onion
Broadcast marigolds as cover crop for tomatotes.
Indoors:Plant cucmbers & peppers.

April 15
Kitchen Garden:
Plant calendula alongside asparagus.
Plant dill & potatoes.
Plant melons, cucumbers & winter squash.

April 17
Plant elderberry cuttings.

When soil is at 60F
Kitchen Garden:
Plant beans.

April 21
Kitchen Garden:
Plant basil, okra & summer squash.

April 29
Kitchen Garden:
Plant dill.
Transplant cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, & eggplant.
Cottage Garden:
Plant bee balm.

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