Thursday, May 29, 2008

Opening of the Pool

Today marked the official opening of our pool for the summer. On her last day of school for the year, Skye came home and jumped in the pool. She was actually in for about 2 minutes a week ago, but today's 78F was much more pleasant than the colder temps.

The garden is creeping along this week with a minimum of care. Between the 2 inches of rain that fell during the week and a tender nerve in my left foot, the garden has had to function mostly on its own. We did pick 3 strawberries on Monday to top our chocolate pudding. With another large pvc strawberry cage that I assembled that morning with Skye's help, we're actually saving some from the birds, but now we're scheming against the slugs. Skye and I put out two aluminum pie plates with beer yesterday evening. As of this afternoon, we have one drowned slug to report.

Also from the berry front, the last of my six golden Anne raspberries has put out new growth!

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