Friday, August 1, 2008

August Ozark Gardening Calendar

August 1
Kitchen Garden:
Plant southern peas, summer squash (in partial shade with thick mulch), carrots, collards, lima beans, cucumbers.
Set out tomatoes, broccoli
Plant snap peas & sugar peas.
Take cuttings of perennial herbs to start new plants.
Berry Patch:
After blackberry harvest, remove spent floricanes and fertilize. Prune laterals on primocanes to 4 feet to encourage branching.
Replace thin straw on strawberries & blackberries.
Cottage Garden:
Order bulbs for fall planting.
Plant autumn crocus & colchicum.
Cut lilies to ground when stalks die back.
Cut back annuals to promote fall reblooming.
Woodlot & Orchard:
Order stock for fall planting.
Keep windfall apples picked up.

August 8
Kitchen Garden:
Transplant cabbage, cauliflower
Plant beets, cucumbers, turnips
Check elderberries for ripeness. Harvest & mark for taking cuttings in spring.

August 15
Kitchen Garden:
Plant bush beans, cucumbers, mustard, kale.

August 22
Kitchen Garden:
Plant cucumbers, lettuce, radishes
Start pinching out any newly set melons.

August 29
Kitchen Garden:
Plant spinach, lettuce, radishes
Cottage Garden:
Plant perennial and biennial seed.
Plant container-grown evergreens if weather is not too stressful.

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