Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cantelopes and Okra

Yesterday's lunch was a celebration of the rain that awoke us in the early morning hours. Two inches of rain in August -- everyone feels better now. I was tempted to do a rain dance as I listened to the rain pound our roof -- not a dance to summon rain, but one of thanksgiving. Walking through the gardens in the mid-morning, my daughter and I could hear the plants around us giving a sigh of relief. The dog was frolicing more than usual. The lawn was turning greener before our very eyes. The cats, well the cats didn't really care.

Soon I was wading into the vegetable garden to pick five ripe canteloupes. (My commitment to daily gardening kind of fell through this first week of school, the hardest week in the year for teachers.) Some were beginning to split -- perhaps all the water after being dry? -- so I cut them up for lunch and sent one next door to Pearl, our octogenarian neighbor. The okra was begging to be cut, so we had fried okra to go with the cantelope, as well as tomatoes and cucumbers. Lunch was fit for a king!


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